Between work and this blog I do a lot of screen captures and trying to capture a scrolling window is at best problematic. I purchased a tool called Snagit from Techsmith which accomplishes scrolling window screen captures :-) Happiness!

I recommend it for screen captures in general as well. It does cost just under $50, but it has been worth it.

I created a short tutorial to show how it works:

Technical Tools December 10, 2009

This little utility makes calls to a WCF service that calls the appropriate .NET HttpUtility function to perform HTML and URL encoding and decoding. I often need to perform these operations on some text so I hope this will help others as well.

I created a RESTful WCF service with a lot of help from Rick Strahl's posts: jQuery AJAX calls to a WCF REST Service and WCF REST Configuration for ASP.NET AJAX. These are great posts about how to create WCF services that are callable from jQuery using JSON serialization.

Technical Tools September 7, 2009