Godzilla Fina lWars Atomic Ray

I watched Godzilla Final Wars the other night with my son. He thinks Godzilla is cool! Hopefully I’m not raising him to be too much of a nerd :-)

I grew up watching Godzilla movies in the theatre during 70’s and have been hooked ever since. I was a huge Godzilla fan as a kid. If only we had a VCR back then so I could have taped the creature features.

Godzilla is definitely a love hate thing. Either you see a guy in a suite or you see a giant monster trashing everything in sight. I’m still a kid at heart, so I still see a giant monster. It is not as magical as it was back in the day, but I still love it.

What I really enjoyed about Final Wars is that it pulls out all the stops and throws in every campy idea including aliens, bad acting, tons of monsters, and a ridiculous story line which make for a good Godzilla flick :-D

I gave Godzilla Final Wars 7/10 on IMDb.

Here are some highlights of the film:

You have to love how Godzilla gets hit with a blast like the following:

Godzilla Final Wars Explosion

Then he is standing there in an enormous crater :-D He’s one tough customer!

Godzilla Final Wars Impact Crater

I love how the Hollywood Godzilla makes an appearance in the film only to end up at the end of a bit of atomic fire :-)

Godzilla Final Wars Hollywood Godzilla GodzillaFinalWars-TheEndOfTheAmericanGodzilla

I like to call the Hollywood Godzilla Giguana. It certainly looks more like a giant iguana than Godzilla.

Many kaiju make appearances in Final Wars. Some of the contestants include Gigan, Anguirus, Kamacuras, Kumonga, Ebirah, King Caesar, Mothra, Rodan, and Hedorah. Some of them are shown below.

Godzilla Final Wars Gigan Godzilla Final Wars Kumonga Godzilla Final Wars King Caesar Godzilla Final Wars Rodan  Godzilla Final Wars Anguirus

I thought the latest kaiju, Monster X, was cool.

Godzilla Final Wars Monster X Lifting Godzilla Godzilla Final Wars Monster X Battles Godzilla

You have to love the alien’s shades.

Godzilla Final Wars Cool Shades

I love the M. Bison look!

Godzilla Final Wars M. Bison Look

Godzilla taught his son well.

Godzilla Final Wars Minilla Wears A Seat Belt

Entertainment Movies Nontechnical March 31, 2010


My son and I watched Astro Boy this evening and we both really enjoyed it. As of writing this blog entry Astro Boy has a rating of 6.4/10 on IMDb. It seems like many people really dislike the film. Personally I found the story engaging and a bit sad in many ways. A father creating a robot to replace his dead son is a bit heart wrenching.

The plot line involving the villain probably could have been better, but I think the rest of the story was engaging for adults and kids.

After watching Astro Boy my son excitedly stated we should buy it :-) After all, guns popping out of Astro Boy’s butt was a highlight not to soon be forgotten and I”m sure will often be recounted in the days to come :-D

I give the movie 8/10.

Entertainment Movies Nontechnical March 27, 2010