This album absolutely rocks. Usually I only like a portion of the songs on an album, but this compilation from All That Remains is freakin awesome. The Fall Of Ideals has hard hitting vocals and sound on every song. I’ve been listening to this album a lot ever since I discovered it. This is good coding music :-) If you are not familiar with the metal genre, I suggest you read my post How to start listening to Metal – It’s an acquired taste.

Songs on my playlist:

  • This Calling
  • Not Alone
  • It Dwells In Me
  • We Stand
  • Whispers (I Hear You)
  • The Weak Willed
  • Six
  • Become the Catalyst
  • The Air that I Breath
  • Empty Inside (this is my favorite)

Songs not on my playlist:

  • Indictment

So 10/11 songs are on my playlist. Yes it rocks!

Entertainment Music Nontechnical March 27, 2010

Ever since my cousin told me to listen to Metallica’s And Justice for All some 20 years ago I’ve been a metal listener. I remember when I first listened to the album, I couldn’t stand it. My cousin advised me I needed to listen to it many times before I came to a judgment. At first my ear could not pick up the speed and sound of the music. Gradually it started to slow down and the music started make sense. Before I knew it, I realized this music rocks :-)

I imagine metal is a bit like beer, it is an acquired taste for most people. Actually, I suppose for most listeners it is the proverbial nails on the chalk board :-) Metal is certainly music living on the fringe. I believe this genre of music is misunderstood and, if given a chance, stands strong on its own merits. It has a power and energy that is unmatched in the music world. After you acquire a taste for metal other music seems to lack a little something.

It is not that metal is the best and everything else sucks. I enjoy the full spectrum of music genres. Certainly music is a completely subjective experience, but missing a little metal in your diet might deprive your ears of some much needed noise.

I normally listen to music while coding. For years sleep apnea made it hard for me to push through the day, so listening to music helped me to keep me going and stay focused. I couldn’t exactly listen to Enya and keep alert :-) Metal is a bit of an aural caffeine.

So I suggest starting out with Metallica’s …And Justice for All. Listen to the album at least 5 times. If it doesn’t start making sense then maybe metal just isn’t for you :-(

Entertainment Music Nontechnical March 27, 2010

My cousin Fran wrote and sings her original song Angel of My Dreams. I think it is a great song. She has an original voice and sings with heart and soul. I wish her all the luck in the world :-D

Entertainment Music Nontechnical February 25, 2010