I bought a set of Skullcandy headphones to replace my decade old, falling apart ones. The Skullcandy headphones are definitely better than my old set, not quite as good as I expected for the price, but good nonetheless. Included in the package is a Skullcandy stencil.

Skullcandy stencil

My favorite part of the stencil is the sidebar pictures showing possible stencil usage.

Skullcandy stencil usage examples
  • Snowboard - okay makes sense.
  • The back of a bald guys head while reading a newspaper - Judge Judy wouldn't be happy with these antics.
  • On your cat - would someone's cat actually hold still long enough?

I guess I'm too old to be the target demographic for these headphones. I'm more likely the target of the stencil on the back of head, but I still find it humorous.

Funny Nontechnical January 11, 2012

I was going through an old Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, issue# 132 printed in 1977, and one thing really stood out to me; the advertisements. They are like an old horror movie: campy, funny, and simply awesome :-)

Famous Monsters underwear ad

Nothing quite says super nerd virgin like a pair of these underwear. Okay, okay, maybe some women would really dig these. Well, probably not. Not even a Star Trek convention girl could likely accept an Eerie underwear wearing nerd.

Creepy underwear

I'm not sure I'd want my underwear to say Eerie or Creepy anyway. That might not be quite what you'd like to advertise. On the other hand, sporting Godzilla with Famous Monsters printed on your bikini underwear, well, you might just want to have the goods to back that one up!

I love how it states, PLEASE BE VERY SURE YOU ORDER THE CORRECT SIZE. Hopefully they didn't take returns. The nerd cooties on a used pair of these would push the wearer beyond the boundaries of any possible social connection with a human being.

I've never thought of having something printed on my underwear. I mean, how do you show these off? Do you just drop trou in front of your friends to show off your awesome undergarments? These are not really appropriate for the locker room, as you might get a good old fashioned nerd induced butt kicking from a Boogeresque kind of jock.

Famous Monsters underwear

At least the guy appearing in the advertisement is realistic. Putting some muscle bound hunk in a pair of these babies wouldn't really help sell them. It just wouldn't be believable.

Don't get me wrong, these things are awesome. I just need to know, did anyone really buy, or better yet, wear a pair of these? Come on, be honest.

Funny Nontechnical Ads January 11, 2012

One of the steps during the Internet Explorer 8 install is, Checking you computer for malicious software:


If you have malicious software on your machine, isn’t it a little to late to be checking at this point?  Is this really necessary? Isn’t this the goal of virus and malware scanners? Maybe malicious software is a code phrase for other browsers, or more likely IE 6 Smile

Personal Funny Nontechnical December 4, 2010