I just finished reading Dan Brown’s book The Lost Symbol. I tend to like his stories and The Lost Symbol is no exception.

The story kept me interested from start to finish. At times it is a bit hard to accept Langdon’s search engine like memory skills, but a bit of willing suspension of disbelief makes it reasonably acceptable. Langdon’s off the cuff puzzle solving skills are in full form throughout his current adventure. Langdon also seems to innately possess certain ninja escaping skills. He is very tough to catch :-)

Brown has found a certain sweet spot by melding interesting scientific concepts (albeit not always factual), mysticism, symbols, and conspiracy theory. The Lost Symbol wraps the story around Masonic legend and symbols. I’m not sure of the accuracy of any of the content, but I guess it really does not matter as it is fun to read.

One thing I found interesting was the incorporation of Noetic Science in the story. It is not a major part of the book, but it brings forth some interesting ideas. Personally I’ve always wondered about the physics of consciousness. Consciousness is as much a part of the universe as electricity and magnetism so there may be some deeper physics about it that we do not yet understand. Brown presents an interesting idea about the physics of consciousness. I think Brown does a good job of presenting interesting scientific food for thought in addition to the conspiracy theories. Even if everything is not factual, it all feels plausible.

Bottom line, if you liked The Da Vinci Code I’d recommend this book. If you didn’t care for The Da Vinci Code then you won’t like this one. If you haven’t read any of Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon books, then I’d recommend you start with The Da Vinci code and see what you think.

Entertainment Books Nontechnical February 21, 2010