I built the Lego Space Police Smash’n’Grab model 5982 with my son. It took us a little over 30 minutes to build but in this video we build it in around 1 minute :-)

Personal Fatherhood Legos Nontechnical February 28, 2010

I’m sick again :-(

One difficulty about being a parent that is getting sick all the time! It used to be I’d be sick maybe a couple times a year. Now it it seems like 5 plus time a year. It is especially hard with a baby or toddler as they are all over you all the time sneezing everywhere with snot running down their face all day. You can only wipe their nose so many times a day :-) I realize it is part of building a child’s immune system, but I just wish it didn’t mean building mine as well :-)

Before kids, when I was sick I’d just lie in bed and sleep or lay on the couch watching the tube most of the day. Now you have to deal with a sick kid, contract their sickness, then deal with a kid while sick :-(

Parenthood has so many great aspects, but the sickness is one of the bummers.

I recall one day years ago when both my wife and I had a really bad stomach flu. My son was around 2 years old. We were both laying on the floor taking turns getting to the bathroom while trying to take care of our son! The good part was I remember him being really good about the whole situation. He’s such a good kid :-D That was a tough day I’ll never forget :-)

Fortunately my wife and children get over being sick very quickly :-) Unfortunately I don’t :’(

But hey, it’s all good!

Personal Fatherhood Nontechnical February 24, 2010

I built the Lego Power Miner Rock Wrecker with my son. Of course it is sped up a bit :-) It was fun to create! Enjoy!

This is a response to this Lego time lapse video at WindowFruit.com .

Personal Fatherhood Legos Nontechnical January 14, 2010