I was going through some of my old stuff and I came across a folder of old forgotten childhood treasure. First a little backdrop, the 70's were a different era; access to media at that time was very limited. We had 3 or 4 television channels, depending on the antenna's rabbit ear configuration and a little luck. Movies and magazines were the other main entertainment media outlets in that day.

As a kid, I was a huge Godzilla fan. Once in a while I'd get to see the latest Godzilla film in the theater. Otherwise, I'd flip through the TV Guide from cover to cover, hoping to find a Godzilla film showing on TV.

Godzilla Fan Club Announcement Picture Godzilla Fan Club Announcement Text

The other main medium for Godzilla was magazine articles, mainly appearing in Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. I'd always hope for the big G's appearance on the cover of the next Famous Monsters. In issue 132 of Famous Monsters, I came across the announcement of the Godzilla Fan Club. I remember being so excited about the prospect of a Godzilla focused periodical! Sweet!

I recall being so excited to get the fan letters, and so disappointed when it was abandoned. They were a prized possession of mine.

Having recently come across them, I decided to search the internet to see what existed about these fan letters. To my amazement, I could find very little mention of their existence, let alone copies of them. I think this is the first time I've searched for something on the internet that couldn't find. I actually have something that doesn't exist on the internet :-)

I decided to see if I could get in contact with the creator of the Godzilla Fan Letters, Richard Campbell. Luckily enough, I was able to contact him, and had a very pleasant interaction with him. He was very gracious that I had these copies; he no longer has copies of the fan letters he authored.

He was only 17 or 18 years old when these were created. That's quite a feat given the technology available back then. Typewriters were not the best word processors :-) Mr. Campbell was happy that these letters can now be shared with all Godzilla fans. I thank him for creating them in the first place, they made a kid very happy.

Mr. Campbell mentioned that he created another Godzilla publication named Godzillamania, of which there were two issues. One of my hopes is to see if anyone still has copies of the Godzillamania fanzines. I'd love to read them. Along with these fan letters, they would be a very cool piece of Godzilla fan history.

There were only 5 issues of the Godzilla Fan Letter, totaling 21 pages printed front and back, including my welcome letter. I've scanned them all and created various formats, which I'll make available on this blog post. The letters are quite worn and have yellowed with age. I've made some black and white versions, along with the current form of the letters. I have blacked out any personal addresses and signatures that were on the letters. It is a different day now, I want be careful in that regard.

You can view the letters on my blog using the following link: Godzilla Fan Letters from 1977.

I'm also providing the letters in comic book format (CBZ) and PDF. If you are not familiar with CBZ readers, then you probably just want the PDF. If you haven't heard of comic book readers, you might want to check out ComicRack. It is a very cool program. The CBZ format has the highest quality images.

Enjoy :-)

Personal Entertainment Nontechnical January 5, 2012

One of the steps during the Internet Explorer 8 install is, Checking you computer for malicious software:


If you have malicious software on your machine, isn’t it a little to late to be checking at this point?  Is this really necessary? Isn’t this the goal of virus and malware scanners? Maybe malicious software is a code phrase for other browsers, or more likely IE 6 Smile

Personal Funny Nontechnical December 4, 2010

I’m not sure why I found this funny; during the installation of the .NET Framework 3.5 the installer informs you, “You can now disconnect from the Internet”, after the download is complete.

You can now disconnect from the internet message

It made me wonder, “When am I ever not connected to the internet?”.  Pretty much, never.  I suppose if someone travels around with a laptop out of usable Wi-Fi range. For me, I’m always connected.

I sent this to a friend with the joking subject, “I didn’t know this was possible”. He responded with the following image:


For some reason this made me literally laugh out loud Smile  I guess this would disconnect your machine from the internet for a bit as you’d have to search for new Cat5 or a spare RJ-45 connector and a crimper. Although, who uses Cat5 anymore? I only use it from my router to the cable modem.

The ease of being connected to the internet is such a change from the old dial-up days.

Personal Funny December 4, 2010